Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL Week 1 Predictions

Sorry I haven't updated in 2 weeks. Law school, Rosh Hashanah, and some other stuff got in the way.

I will put up my weekly predictions on the blog, (usually) before the first game of the week (I know I missed the Saints-Vikings, and while I would've picked the Saints, I won't count it in my record). By the way, this is picking who will win, with the spread having no relevence.

Here we go (home team in CAPS, the starred game is the one I have selected in my suicide pool):

Dolphins over BILLS
BEARS over Lions
*TITANS over Raiders*
PATRIOTS over Bengals
GIANTS over Panthers
Falcons over STEELERS
Browns over BUCCANEERS
Broncos over JAGUARS
Colts over TEXANS
Cardinals over RAMS
Packers over EAGLES
49ers over SEAHAWKS
Cowboys over REDSKINS
JETS over Ravens
Chargers over CHIEFS

As for my season predictions
Bold Teams Make Playoffs, Italic Teams Get a Bye:

1 Jets     11-5
2 Patriots 10-6
3 Dolphins  8-8
4 Bills    4-12

1 Bengals  10-6
2 Ravens   10-6
3 Steelers  7-9
4 Browns   6-10

1 Colts    13-3
2 Texans   10-6
3 Titans    8-8
4 Jaguars  4-12

1 Chargers  9-7
2 Raiders   7-9
3 Broncos   7-9
4 Chiefs   4-12

1 Cowboys  13-3
2 Redskins 10-6
3 Giants    9-7
4 Eagles    9-7

1 Packers  12-4
2 Vikings   9-7
3 Bears    5-11
4 Lions    4-12

1 Saints   13-3
2 Falcons  10-6
3 Panthers 4-12
4 Bucs     1-15

1 49ers    10-6
2 Cardinals 9-7
3 Seahawks 6-10
4 Rams     5-11

In the Wild Card round, I have:
Texans over BENGALS, Ravens over CHARGERS
PACKERS over Redskins, Falcons over 49ERS

In the Divisional round, I have:
COLTS over Texans, JETS over Ravens
COWBOYS over Falcons, Packers over SAINTS

In the Championship round, I have:
COLTS over Jets
Packers over COWBOYS

My Super Bowl Champion is:

For Awards:
NFL MVP: Peyton Manning, Ind
Offensive POY: Michael Turner, Atl
Defensive POY: Darrelle Revis, NYJ
Coach of the Year: Wade Phillips, Dal
Offensive ROY: Dez Bryant, Dal
Defensive ROY: Kyle Wilson, NYJ
Comeback Player of the Year: Michael Turner
Most Improved Player of the Year: Alex Smith, SF

I have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiving the #1 overall draft pick, and likely trading it with the Buffalo Bills or Jacksonville Jaguars.

Fired Coaches:
Browns fire Eric Mangini, hire Jim Zorn
Jaguars fire Jack del Rio, hire Dennis Green
Bears fir Lovie Smith, hire Mike Martz
Chargers fire Norv Turner, hire Lovie Smith
Raiders fire Tom Cable, hire Bill Cowher
Panthers fire John Fox, hire Brian Schottenheimer

We'll see how I do over the course of the season. Enjoy Week 1!

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