Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Random Ramblings During the VMAs

This probably won't be as thorough as the Emmy's, as I'll be flipping between this and Cowboys-Redskins, but some random thoughts about the VMAs:

-I think Lady Gaga is talented, unique, original, creative, and entertaining. But I don't think she's attractive.

-I don't even know if Kanye has a nomination, but I hope if he does and he wins someone interrupts him. And I think it would be really great if that someone was Joe Jonas or Taylor Lautner.

-Can someone please explain to me why the VMAs are simultaneously broadcast on VH1? Are VH1 and MTV related and I never knew it? I always thought they were competitors.

-Eminem and Rihanna have a hit song together. The audience is really stunned when she appears during his opening number? I would've been stunned if she didn't.

-That opening started out clever. Then it seemed poorly produced. I have a feeling this is gunna be mostly the latter.

-Really Chelsea? A Jersey joke? What are you, Fred Armisen's impression of Governor David Patterson? A mediocre episode of How I Met Your Mother featuring Sarah Chalke?

-Hey look, Chelsea Handler just introduced a funny, blonde, female comedian who actually had something to do with the music industry this past year.

-It's hard to care about any award show which has the cast of Jackass 3D introducing an award.

-Are we really calling Kim Kardashian a fashion icon? And have we really been waiting for Justin Bieber?

-Was Bieber too young to be allowed into the VMAs? Seriously, what is with this outdoor performance? Is it even from tonight?

-Now he's pretending to play the drums. This is only cute because he's 6 years old. He is 6 years old right? No? He's 16? Oh my.

-I admit I do not follow popular music as much as I follow most other entertainment fields, but I truly have no idea what is going on during half of this show.

-WTF is Florence and the Machine?!?!?!?

-Okay I really need help here. They started "I Want to be a Billionaire" and then left for a commercial but then went to some sort of other performance. I'm completely confused.

-And now, Taylor Swift sings about Kanye. Okay this is why I'm watching.

-That was well done. As expected.

-I genuinely forgot over the past half an hour that Chelsea Handler was hosting this. She's like the host of Chefs vs. City. Or when Monica Lewinsky hosted that dating show.

-Oh come on, Sofia Vergara is better than this.

-I don't care if she's wearing 100 inch heels, Neo should be embarrassed to be shorter than Selena Gomez.

-Also Selena Gomez is gorgeous. I'm not even going to look up whether it is legal or not for me to say that. I don't care.

-She's 18. We're good.

-I guess they let Bieber in.

-I remember the first time Linkin Park was cool. That was better.

-Emma Stone is also very good looking, although appears to be more freakishly thin than I remember her being in Superbad.

-I know she has a big movie coming out (and you'd think Christina Aguilera would've appeared with her) but Cher is a big get. You don't see her around that often.

-Gaga gets best video, which I believe was her 6th win of the night. Not surprising, and deserved.

-Really Aziz Ansari, you're Team Kanye? I just got 10% less excited for the Parks and Rec premiere.

-I may have liked Kanye's appearance on the VMAs better last year than whatever this crap is.

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