Saturday Night Live

Episode: 36x1
Host: Amy Poehler
Musical Guest: Katy Perry
Cameo(s): Justin Timberlake, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Gov. David Paterson
Best Sketch: Monologue (A+) and Actor II Actor (A+)
Worst Sketch: The Booger Man (D)
Overall Grade: A

Episode: 36x2
Host: Bryan Cranston
Musical Guest: Kanye West
Cameo(s): Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, Helen Mirren
Best Sketch: What Up With That (A)
Worst Sketch: Shanna (F)
Overall Grade: B-

Episode: 36x3
Host: Jane Lynch
Musical Guest: Bruno Mars
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Sunday Night Football Theme
Worst Sketch: n/a
Overall Grade: n/a

Episode: 36x4
Host: Emma Stone
Musical Guest: Kings of Leon
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Wrangler Open Fly Jeans (A+)
Worst Sketch: French TV Show (F)
Overall Grade: C

Episode: 36x5
Host: Jon Hamm
Musical Guest: Rihanna
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Back to the Future Screen Tests (A)
Worst Sketch: I Didn't Ask For This (F) and Highway Cops (F)
Overall Grade: D

Episode: 36x6
Host: Scarlett Johansson
Musical Guest: Arcade Fire
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Unstoppable (A-)
Worst Sketch: Disney Channel Show (F)
Overall Grade: D-

Episode: 36x7
Host: Anne Hathaway
Musical Guest: Florcence + the Machine
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Megamart (A+)
Worst Sketch: Local News Reporter (C)
Overall Grade: A+

Episode: 36x8
Host: Robert DeNiro
Musical Guest: Diddy Dirty Money
Cameo(s): Robin Williams, Ben Stiller
Best Sketch: WikiLeaks (A)
Worst Sketch: From the Garden with Mr. Produce (D-)
Overall Grade: C

Episode: 36x9
Host: Paul Rudd
Musical Guest: Paul McCartney
Cameo(s): Mario Batali
Best Sketch: What's the Name (A) and Stumbling (A)
Worst Sketch: High School Assembly (F)
Overall Grade: B

Episode: 36x10
Host: Jeff Bridges
Musical Guest: Eminem and Lil Wayne
Cameo(s): Cookie Monster, John McEnroe, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively
Best Sketch: Under Underground Records: Krunkmas (A+)
Worst Sketch: First Gift Wrapping (D)
Overall Grade: B+

Episode: 36x11
Host: Jim Carrey
Musical Guest: The Black Keys
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Weekend Update (A) and Psychic Impressionist (A)
Worst Sketch: Finding Your Power (D-)
Overall Grade: B

Episode: 36x12
Host: Gwyneth Paltrow
Musical Guest: Cee Lo Green
Cameo(s): Pee Wee Herman, Anderson Cooper
Best Sketch: Bar Mitzvah (A+)
Worst Sketch: Secret Word (C+)
Overall Grade: A

Episode: 36x13
Host: Jesse Eisenberg
Musical Guest: Nicki Minaj
Cameo(s): Mark Zuckerberg, John Waters
Best Sketch: Michelle Bachmann(B+) and Monologue (B+)
Worst Sketch: WXPD News (F) and Spa Talk (F)
Overall Grade: D-

Episode: 36x14
Host: Dana Carvey
Musical Guest: Linkin Park
Cameo(s): Mike Myers, Jon Lovitz, Justin Bieber
Best Sketch: Wayne's World (A) and The Roommate (A)
Worst Sketch: Packers Bar (D)
Overall Grade: A-

Episode: 36x15
Host: Russell Brand
Musical Guest: Chris Brown
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Gublin & Green (A+)
Worst Sketch: Food Taster (F), Living Single (F), and Tea Time (F)
Overall Grade: D-

Episode: 36x16
Host: Miley Cyrus
Musical Guest: The Strokes
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: The Taboo and Show (A) and The Miley Cyrus Show (A)
Worst Sketch: French TV Show (F)
Overall Grade: A-

Episode: 36x17
Host: Zach Galifianakas
Musical Guest: Jessie J (feat. B.o.B.)
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: March Madness (A+)
Worst Sketch: Kings of Catchphrase Comedy (C), Zach Looks for a New Assistant (C), and Titanic (C)
Overall Grade: A-

Episode: 36x18
Host: Elton John
Musical Guest: Elton John
Cameos(s): Will Forte, Carmelo Anthony, Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Sketch: ESPN Classic (A+) and The Knights of the Realm (A+)
Worst Sketch: The Lawrence Welk Show (C-) and The Silver Screen (C-)
Overall Grade: A-

Episode: 36x19
Host: Helen Mirren
Musical Guest: Foo Fighters
Cameo(s): none
Best Sketch: Under Underground Records' Crunk Ass Easter (A+)
Worst Sketch: Bongo's Strip Club (D)
Overall Grade: B+

Episode: 36x20
Host: Tina Fey
Musical Guest: Ellie Goulding
Best Sketch:
Worst Sketch:
Overall Grade:

Episode: 36x21
Host: Ed Helms
Musical Guest: Paul Simon
Best Sketch:
Worst Sketch:
Overall Grade:

Episode: 36x22
Host: Justin Timberlake
Musical Guest: Lady Gaga
Best Sketch:
Worst Sketch:
Overall Grade: