Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Random Thoughts About SNL 36x16 Cyrus/The Strokes

Tonight Miley Cyrus makes her SNL debut. While Miley, at 18, does not come close to being the youngest SNL host ever (that distiction belongs to, and will probably always belong to, a 7 year old Drew Barrymore. Could you imagine a 7 year old hosting SNL today?), she is the most recently born SNL host, beating out Taylor Lautner by 7 months. This is Miley's first actual time on SNL, but this season has featured Vanessa Bayer as Miley in "The Miley Cyrus Show." It's pretty cool:

The Strokes are the musical guest for their third time. They first appeared in 2002 with host Jack Black, and came back in 2006 with host Peter Sarsgaard.

Some predictions:
-We're going to open with Charlie Sheen. If I had to guess, it would be Jimmy Fallon coming back to do Sheen, which he did on Late Night brilliantly this week:
-Miley will do a musical monologue.
-They will do The Miley Cyrus Show. My hope, although I don't think it is likely, is that Miley will be the guest as her own alterego, Hannah Montana.

There is a 50/50 chance tonight is either a liveblog as usual, or a retroblog. We'll see.

Sketch 1- Hader as Charlie Sheen. He's okay, but pales in comparison to Fallon. Hosting a talk show with sidekick Christina Aguilera, played by Elliot. His guests- the pro-Hitler designer (Killam), Khaddafi (Armisen), and Lindsey Lohan (Miley). It's rare a host appears in the cold open. Miley's Lohan is pretty good. The sketch over all? Could have been better. B.

Monologue- Miley sings about apologizing for her flaws and mistakes. It may be the first time someone has commented on the publicity of their own sideboob. This is showing that she is willing to make fun of herself, it just isn't that funny. B.

Sketch 2- A parody ad for baby spanx. This is a rerun from the Emma Stone episode. I gave it an A- then.

Sketch 3- A talk show with the Black Eyed Peas who aren't Fergie or Will.I.Am. This is one of the most original, amusing, and creative sketches SNL has come up with in a while. Their guest is Khloe Kardashian. Miley and Pharoah show up as Fergie and Will.I.Am. Very well done. A.


Sketch 4- Turner Classic Movies tonight is giving us a look in to the cut scenes of The Sound of Music that featured the adopted hispanic comedian son Ricky. Look, the TCM sketch was funny the first couple times, but this is becoming too much, too often. B.

Sketch 5- Disney Channel School, with Miley as herself and Kenan as Raven. Teaching kids how to act so they can be on Disney Channel series. Funny. A-.

Sketch 6- The Miley Cyrus Show. Well they went there. Bayer as Miley, Sudeikis as Billy Ray. And her guest? Miley as Bieber! And Miley does a damn good Bieber! Excellent. A.

Music 1- The Strokes perform "Under Cover of Darkness."

Weekend Update- I had several sound problems with my TV starting this point, so my comments will be light. There was some Charlie Sheen discussion. Sudeikis stopped by as the Devil to talk about Westboro Baptist Church. Moynihan's second hand news guy came by again. B.

Sketch 7- The horrible French tv show sketch is back! They did it with Emma Stone, and now they're doing it with Miley. They speak French, they fight, then they dance. It's bad. F.

Sketch 8- A fake promo for Beastly, but featuring Miley and Samberg. Ehh. B-.

Sketch 9- An ad parody with Miley and Wiig for some sort of skin cream and CDs. I didn't really catch the gist of this. C.

Music 2- The Strokes perform a second song.

Sketch 10- Miley is a cruise ship singer who thinks the people on the cruise are gross. It's that, over and over and over again. C.

Sketch 11- A promo for CBS and all the shows with death and murder in them. March is Gurney Month on CBS. B+.

Overall- Started strong, and my own personal viewing issues affected the second half. Better than I expected from Miley. A-.

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