Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Was On a Break

Law school has been busy, as it will be for the next week, but I've neglected the blog for too long:

September Sitcom Rankings: I underestimated how difficult it is to find tv ratings and viewership numbers, so from here on out the monthly rankings will be opinion based only, and the statistics will be done at the end of the year (and maybe midseason). The September rankings have been available on the Monthly Rankings page for a few weeks, but I will make a post later tonight, and the October rankings will be out promptly at the end of next week.

SNL 36x3 Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars: I was never able to write a retro-blog, but disappointed by no cameos, loved Glee/Gilly, enjoyed Lynch's monologue, thought the Sunday Night Football theme parody was brilliant, and enjoyed the Christine O'Donnell ad. Nothing else was worth writing about.

SNL 36x4 Emma Stone/Kings of Leon: The liveblog will be back tonight, so stay tuned!

Later this week, there will likely be a Mets post, a political post, and of course the weekly football picks tomorrow morning.

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