Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Post

Rocky Horror continuously pops up in my life.

In my first Thespian Revue we did Time Warp, where I had my first solo line in a Revue.

In my second Thespian Revue we did Dammit Janet* and the senior number was Floor Show.

*It was actually Darnit Janet thanks to some special censorship.

In college I joined a theater company named for a lyric in Rocky Horror "Forbidden Planet." The company did RHPS every year.

So I know my Rocky Horror. I went to a midnight showing in Manhattan. I saw it once in Long Island (with co-thespians Graig Churchill and Elisa Weiss in it) and 10 times at GW (twice in 06, thrice in 07, twice in 08, once in 09). I own the 25th Anniversary DVD, and have watched it with the prerecorded call lines. I even tried watching Shock Treatment, the sequel once. But it was more Grease 2 than Austin Powers 2 (the 2nd most successful sequel of all time compared to the original, trailing only Terminator 2), so I stopped watching.

I know calllines. I know the classic ones, I know the ones people created at GW, I know the nondirty ones they did at the Long Island performance, I know the website that lists them all. I've delivered some good ones. I've made a Frank almost break character. I've delivered one so obscure that only 2 rows of the audience got it, but those who got it loved it.

I like Rocky Horror. It means a lot to me. I've thought about not being able to see it at GW this year, and I've decided I'll watch the dvd this weekend.

All that said, I think Glee doing a Rocky Horror episode will either be the greatest episode of all time, or the worst. Last year they only did 2 themed shows, and the Gaga show only had 2 Gaga songs. This year, this will already be #2, and at least one more is locked in for post-SuperBowl. And RHPS is not that widespread among the Glee fanbase. It could be great, but I don't think it will.

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