Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I'd Fix the Mets- A Second Look

In late August, I wrote this post about what I would do to fix the Mets for next season. Since then, a lot has happened.

-Omar Minaya was fired, and is now unlikely to remain with the organization. Jerry Manuel was fired as well.

-Don Mattingly did, in fact, receive the Dodgers managerial job. Larry Bowa has been offered a job with the organization as well.

-Carlos Beltran got hot, to the point where he had potential value to other teams. And then he reinjured himself.

-Jeff Wilpon announced no player is untouchable, and that ownership would be willing to cut a player like Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo if that is what the new GM wanted.

Today I'm going to update what I think the mets should do with their front office and coaching staff. When the actual new GM and manager are in place, I will go back and update what I think they should change on the field:

Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations: Terry Ryan
General Manager: Paul DePodesta
Assistant General Manager: John Ricco

Ricco will remain Asst. GM, this seems to be the unanimous view. I think they need 2 people to right this ship, a veteran guy who has done it before, and a younger, more moneyball/sabermetrics guy. Ryan helped build the Twins. DePodesta was a John Hart and Billy Beane disciple who was briefly GM of the Dodgers and has worked in the Padres front office the past few years.

Manager: Bobby Valentine
Bench Coach: Wally Backman
Hitting Coach: Mike Piazza
Pitching Coach: Joe Kerrigan

1B Coach- Mookie Wilson
3B Coach- Chip Hale
Bullpen Coach- Randy Niemann

Backman, Kerrigan, Wilson, Hale, and Niemann remain from the last list, so no need to reexplain. I think Valentine is the best manager available, and while he certainly won't come cheap, he may just take a bit less to come back to the team where he is so beloved. As for Piazza? The Yankees did it with Mattingly, the Cardinals with McGwire, and the Astros with Bagwell. I think Mike would love to come back to Flushing, work with the manager he thrived under (like McGwire in St. Louis), and teach hitting. He has an interest in coaching- he's the hitting coach for Italy's WBC team. I think it makes sense. We'll see if it happens.

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