Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Random Thoughts About SNL 36x4 Stone/Kings of Leon

Tonight Emma Stone hosts SNL for her first time. She becomes the 3rd SNL host younger than me, and the first to not have the first name Taylor (Swift and Lautner both hosted last season, while dating eachother). Stone did tell Access Hollywood in 2008 that her dream was to be on SNL, so good for her. She has actually had a bit of an odd stretch, where her first 3 big movies (Superbad, The Rocker, and House Bunny) were all promoted on SNL, but by Jonah Hill, Rainn Wilson, and Anna Faris respectively.

Kings of Leon is our musical guest, and rumor has it they could use somebody. This is their second time, first appearing in Season 34, Episode 2, hosted by James Franco.

My predictions for tonight:

-1 cameo in Weekend Update. No idea who. Just a gut feeling.
-Some horrible recurring sketch is going to pop up this week. I can't figure out which. I assume MacGruber is dead with Will Forte's departure, so I'm going to say the Lawerence Welk Show. Have we had one of those yet?

I'll be back at 11:30!

Sketch 1- An Obama sketch, a rally for Sen. Reid. Apparantly Mr. Smulders is Harry Reid. Unless that is the other new guy. I really don't know. Armisen's Obama continues to get worse, every week. Reid stressing disagreements with Obama to distance himself. Oddly in background of extras, black newbie and female newbie are standing in the middle. Not terrible, but not all that funny. And unfortunately, relatively realistic. C.

Monologue- Why is Emma Stone dressed like she's 35 and going on a job interview? She's a hot 22 year old... She's going off on how all her films involve her getting with nerds. Now Moynihan and Mr. Smulders as Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, who costarred with Stone in Superbad. Actually funny. The ending saved it A-.

Sketch 2- A parody ad to make your fat baby fit. Baby Spanx. Relatively funny. A-.

Sketch 3- A Dream Home Makeover with Wiig knocking on someone's door to tell them they won. Stone is the woman. Wiig is excited. Stone couldn't care less. This would be fine at 12:45. At 11:40? Oh boy. Ok black newbie jumping up and down pixelated was kind of funny. Not a scene saver. But a neighbor comes with hard boiled eggs and she gets excited. Alright. Whatever. Then Wiig gets knocked down by a plank of wood. C+.

Sketch 4- Local News. Nasim Pedrad is anchor, "Dangerous Teenage Fad: Souping" Hader reporting. Kids drinking expired canned soup. Stone an interviewed teen who says its not a real thing. Wiig an interviewed mother. "For more information about souping, go to our website and no others." Now trampolining- boy sits on roof and receives oral sex from a girl on a trampoline. If she does it 10 times she gets a silliband. Now skyping- 2 teens jump out of plane attached by genitals. Are teens taking turns hiding Osama bin Laden to get lip gloss. Oh my. D-.

Sketch 5- Digital short. Emma Stone singing about breaking her arm by slipping and falling. Then she does it again. "Sign my cast, sign my cast." Now a broken leg. Now she completely deconstructs. Now the grape jelly she slipped in sings. That may have been the next hit digital short. A.


Commercial Break: Looks like a View sketch. Not a huge surprise after the O'Reilly incident this week.

Sketch 6- The View- Did Whoopi get new glasses? So what, who cares? Our guest today- Lindsay Lohan, on loan from the Betty Ford clinic, played by Stone. Does Elisabeth actually repeat syllables on the show? That was fine. Nothing special. B.

Sketch 7- Brett Favre ad for Wrangler Open Fly Jeans. Brilliant. And Sudeikis is pulling off Favre really well. A+.

Music 1- I'm not going to pretend I know anything by Kings of Leon besides "Use Somebody." This isn't that, it is presumably something newer. Fine. I'm sure their fans enjoyed it. According to Wikipedia it was called "Radioactive." B.

Weekend Update- A more you know spoof on the Clarence Thomas story. And Kenan as Jimmy McMillan aka Rent Is 2 Damn High. I was at that debate, this is amazing. This is dead on. I don't know who is doing this "I love it" thing. Seriously who is this? He's not in the cast, is he? He's not famous, is he? Either way, moderately funny. And damn, its city correspondent, Stefan, the flamboyant guy. I was hoping for the travel correspondent, Judy Grimes. Hader completely losing it. Still, the rent is 2 damn high! A.

We literally have this same American Idiot ad every single week during SNL.

Sketch 8- A French tv show. In French. WTF? Now there's some sort of dance off. Now they're sculpting. I have no clue wat is going on. Now a man walked by with a cane and they all stopped. And then he passed by and they started again. Balloons fell. I have no idea what happened to the last few minutes of my life. F.

Sketch 9- "My Brother Knows Everything" 11 year old Morgan (Pedrad) tells us all the stuff her 15 year old brother Erik (Samberg) tells her. And her best friend Meredith (Stone) is cohosting. Freaking means Grinding. Grinding is when you freak. You have to freak 7 times to have a baby. Now "Let's Bro to the Movies" where they review Jackass 3D based on what they overheard Erik say. Erik'an Idols: Top 5 countdown of cutest guys on posters on Erik's wall. #1- Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider. Not terrible. A few chuckles. B-.

Sketch 10- Ad for Sex Ed, Ed Vincent a sex instructor. Blah. C.

There's some sort of SNL Women special next Monday, with women throughout SNL history. Could be interesting, but probably won't liveblog it, pending HIMYM rerun.

Music 2- Oops, Stone's mic doesn't work. Fine performance, again. B.

Sketch 11- Kenan doing some sort of Halloween store promo. For partionally destroyed Halloween costumes. Random. Not great, not terrible. B-.

Overall, not a strong performance. Final Grade: C.

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