Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Random Thoughts About SNL 36x11: Carrey/The Black Keys

Last night, Jim Carrey hosted SNL for the second time. The first was way back in 1996, which to give you an idea of how long ago that really was, was David Spade's final episode. Tonight he is presumably promoting "I Love You, Phillip Morris" although I'm not totally certain on when that film came out.

The musical guest is The Black Keys, making their first appearance.

Since this is a retroblog, there will be no predictions (I feel like I would have heard if President Obama cameoed last night). Also the sketches are in order that they appeared on Hulu, followed by any that apparently did not make the Hulu cut if there are any.

Sketch 1- I don't think we've seen Armisen as Mayor Bloomberg before. I wonder if an Obama sketch was cut because they couldn't use Obama and ignore the Arizona tragedy. He doesn't have the look, but the voice is very strong. About the blizzard, with dumb questions about snow. Urges all New Yorkers not to leave apartment or look out windows. Actually pretty funny, but goes on a bit too long. A random gratuitous Bloomberg anti-smoking line. B.

Monologue- Jim Carrey proving its live with a "How bout those Jets?" intro. He clearly has a lot of energy. But he's Jim Carrey so that's not too surprising. Optimism about the Apocalypse. C.

Sketch 2- The Bosley pubic hair ad for a record third episode. Same exact ad. Not doing it differently. Just reairing the same ad. I'm not even grading this.


Sketch 3- Black Swan sketch. Pedrad as Natalie Portman. Hader as her instructor? He likes her "white swan" but not her "black swan." Jim Carrey playing a dancer who's "black swan" is much better. Carrey doing the physical comedy that made his career. Unfortunately it just isn't funny. Now a dance off. This has lasted way too long. The joke was Jim Carrey was a man all along. D.

Sketch 4- A talk show called "Finding Your Power." A beaded Sudeikis as host/therapist. Samberg had a confrontation with his boss. New girl recently confronted her sister. The joke seems to be that while they say they really yelled at the person, really they cried and said the opposite. Really, that is the joke. They say the opposite of what they do. Jim Carrey's wife told him she was sleeping with someone else, and he yelled at her. And guess what, he really just cried to her. That's it. D-.

Sketch 5- Kenan's Grady Wilson sex techniques. One of the worst recurring sketches ever. And Carey plays an eastern techniques expert. This is shaping up to be a historically bad episode. D.

Sketch 6- A Time/Life special of The Worst of Soul Train. This is gunna be a bunch of bad 70s music, but at least it is randomly funny. And in this episoe, that is enough. Like Triangle Sally's only recorded song, I Have a Triangle. Ocean Billy is the Jon Bovi of Billy Ocean. B.

Music- The Black Keys 2 performances were "Howlin' for You" and "Tighten Up."

Weekend Update- Boehner/Pelosi. The Constitution read aloud. Jerry Brown. John Edwards' engagement. And here are Fmr. Speaker Pelosi and Speaker Boehner. Hader's Boehner is horrendous. "Some tea partiers didn't realize they would get chairs, and brought their own lawn furniture." Now Boehner crying. For anything. Huck Finn. Miss New York. And here is second hand news correspondent, Anthony Crispino as played by Moynihan. "Oprah finally got her own TV set, and is now having her friends over like Dr. J and the Wizard of Oz...The military can finally use the alphabet thanks to the repeal of Don't Speak Don't Tell, despite John McClain's objections...John Boehner got new speakers for his house from Snooki's mom, Nancy Pelizzi, because he's having a tea party...New gay governor Andrew Homo...Brett Favre announced he is retarted for good." Mickey Rourke. Polar Bear Club Wedding. Arkansas native Cameron, the red wing blackbird, the lone survivor, portrayed by Samberg. It's the Aflockalypse. Newbie playing a surviving fish, who believes it is the Apocafish. And the two are apparently a gay bird/fish couple. Or it is the Oprahcalypse. Slow old people joke. Jwoww. Very strong WU. A.

Sketch 7- Some sort of carnival. Kenan and Wiig on the Merryville Trolly Ride. Carrey, Mr. Scherbotsky, and Hader as anamatronic characters. They're stuck there, and it is frightening Kenan. The ride is breaking down. Now they come with knives. B+.

Sketch 8- Sudeikis and Pedrad are a couple, along with new girl, seeing a psychic Carrey. He used to be a comedian impressionist. And he still is. With a dead-on Jimmy Stewart. And Billie Holiday. Just a sketch for Carrey to show off his impressions. Now Alan Thicke. Brilliant. Can all Canadians portray eachother? Miss Piggy! And Kermit! Charles Bronson. And Sammy Davis, Jr. A.

Sketch 9- Hader is mcing a concert in NYC. Now A Taste of New York, with Armisen, Carrey, and Wiig as seemingly homeless musicians. Crowd asks for New York, New York and On Broadway. But they perform a depressing song asking people if they can stay with them. And it pretty much keeps going. And going. D.

Final Grade- A weird episode, that got stronger post-WU, with the exception of a horrible end. Yet it made the best of Carrey, so: B.

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