Friday, January 28, 2011

The December/January Network, Primetime, Half-Hour, Live-Action Sitcom Rankings

Here are the December/January sitcom rankings. Because shows typically go on break over the holidays, the rankings are combined for the two months. This goes through all episodes that have aired to date. Ratings and viewership numbers are considered, but it is mostly opinion based.

RankPrev.ShowNetwork% of Next Seas.
21The Big Bang TheoryCBS100
32Modern FamilyABC100
44How I Met Your Mot…CBS95
5630 RockNBC100
65Two and a Half MenCBS100
79Parks and RecreationNBC85
810The OfficeNBC95
98Cougar TownABC100
1013Mike and MollyCBS75
1112Raising HopeFox100
127Better with YouABC66
13N/RPerfect CouplesNBC33
1515The MiddleABC25
1616Rules of EngagementCBS20
1714Running WildeFox0
1817$#*! My Dad SaysCBS20
Some Quick Thoughts:

-We have our first cancellation of the year, with Running Wilde. It will continue to be ranked for the year, and will be removed after the May rankings with the release of the overall rankings.

-We also are 3 episodes in to Perfect Couples, with an awkward debut in December with the 3rd episode, and the first two airing the past couple weeks. It remains to be seen if this show can really develop into anything other than "Friends with Olivia Munn"

-Parks and Rec is back! It jumped back to 7 today, but I would assume it will have a major leap into the top 5 next month after more than 2 episodes have aired.

-Community got the 1 spot despite what I believe was the worst episode of the series last night, because Modern Family and Big Bang Theory have both struggled, while HIMYM has to find it's footing after going in a dramatic direction the past two weeks.

-The sitcom clip that will be the most remembered from this two month span:

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