Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Although Anatevka hasn't been the Fiddler song stuck in my head all week. (Fun Fact #20- That video might be better than the "Forever" down the aisle dance. Watch it. Right now. This blog will be waiting for you. Enjoy.)

First thing- I had a very bad prediction weekend. A record of 7-8 is incredibly disappointing. Improvement should occur next week. At least the game that mattered I got right.

The Jets game was very disappointing, but I was quite impressed with the stadium. I don't know if any other stadium has 4 video scoreboards (Fun Fact #21- My NFL stadium visits are limited to the Meadowlands and the Superdome) but I thought it was fantastic, and will be great when there are out-of-town games going on.

I went to the lone Mets win of the series against the Phillies. They still have the ability to be a competitive team next year if Bay and Beltran return to their career averages and Santana is back by the end of April, but I still say 2012 is the year.

College football is by no means my area of expertise, but, Fun Fact #22- I vote in a weekly poll at http://www.bcsfanpoll.com/, and if you follow the sport at all, I highly suggest it. Here's my top 25:

Alabama (2-0)
Texas (2-0)
TCU (2-0)
Florida (2-0)
Oklahoma (2-0)
Oregon (2-0)
Iowa (2-0)
Nebraska (2-0)
Wisconsin (2-0)
LSU (2-0)
Utah (2-0)
USC (2-0)
Arkansas (2-0)
Miami (1-1)
Auburn (2-0)
Michigan (2-0)
Stanford (2-0)

You can check out my polling history at http://www.bcsfanpoll.com/user/arrabin56/. My history goes back to week 7 of 2008. And make sure to join yourself, speak on the forums, and apply for official pollster status after 4 weeks!

A whole lot of primaries were today, and while (Fun Fact #23:)I am a registered independent, I am rooting strongly for Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice in her Democratic primary for New York Attorney General. I found her very likable in the few times I met her when I interned at the Nassau County Democratic Committee, and from everything I have heard she has done a very good job, especially on DUI/DWI cases, setting up a separate Drunk Driving Court.

I feel very split about the New Hampshire and Delaware Republican Senate primaries to replace Republican Judd Gregg and Democrat Ted Kaufman respectively (remember Fun Fact #8? I just used it there.) On one hand, if the Tea Party/Conservative candidates win, this increases the Democrats odds of winning these two seats. On the other, if the more moderate candidates win, they hold a better chance of defeating the Democrats, but I'd much rather have them in the Senate than their conservative counterparts. We'll see what happens.

I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but you are now able to see all the Fun Facts from different blog posts at http://arrfiles.blogspot.com/p/fun-facts.html.

TBS cancelled My Boys today, which is not really notable to me, because I never watched the show, but there is another side of this. The star of My Boys, Jordana Spiro, who is underratedly attractive, was set to star in Love Bites with Becki Newton, and filmed the pilot. The preview of the show looked very good. And then TBS forced her to drop out. NBC pushed Love Bites to midseason, announced they would recast the role, but have yet to do so. So the question will now be whether Spiro is back in or not.

That's all for now. Time for some Civil Prodedure. I'll check in tomorrow.

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