Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Hits

Some random stuff I've been thinking the past few days. Nothing more than a paragraph long:

-The September sitcom rankings will probably not be out until Sunday. At this point, Better With You is the only new show I see getting a 2nd season, although Running Wilde improved massively from episode 1 to 2, and $#*! My Dad Says and Outsourced both have their 2nd eps tonight. And I don't think Outsourced was anywhere near as offensive as some critics said beforehand.

-The Glee Britney/Brittany episode was one of the best episodes of the series. Spears was used perfectly- minimally and for humor. Heather Morris can actually sing! After not singing the entire first season (including some numbers where she was the only one in New Directions not to have a solo line). Learning her full name is Brittany S. Pierce was a great twist, and the music videos were recreated spot on. John Stamos was introduced well, and I'm excited for him to get some singing in, presumably in duet form with Mr. Shuster. Just an overall great episode.

-One report has the Knicks possible completing a trade for Carmelo Anthony as early as tonight, after last week's trade with the Nets fell through. Over the past couple of days my mind has changed on this. Danillo Gallinari and Anthony Randolph may become stars. But Carmelo Anthony is already a top 10 NBA player. The past 20 years, only 1 team (the 2004 Detroit Pistons) have won a championship without 2 legit stars. The Lakers have Kobe and Gasol, the Celtics Big 3, the Spurs had any combination of Duncan/Parker, Duncan/Ginobili, and Duncan/Robinson, the Heat had Wade and Shaq, the first Lakers 3peat had Shaq and Kobe, the Bulls had Jordan and Pippen, and the Rockets had Hakeem and Drexler. Right now the Lakers still have Kobe and Gasol (with Odom and Artest as a nice 3/4), the Heat have Bosh and Wade, the Celtics have Rondo and whoever is hot from Garnett/Allen/Pierce, the Mavs have Kidd and Dirk, the Bulls have Rose and Boozer, the Jazz have DWill and Jefferson, the Spurs still have Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker, the Magic have Dwight Howard and Lewis/Vince. The Knicks have Amare and...a bunch of role players. I'd much rather hold on to one of the Randolph or Gallo in a trade for Melo (and of the 2, I'd prefer Gallo. He's been built up at MSG the past 2 years, while Randolph would essentially be Lee-for-Melo), but if Denver would do the trade for those 2 and Eddie Curry, and  either Wilson Chandler or Toney Douglas. A lineup of Turiaf/Amare/Melo/Azubuke/Felton could definitely be a playoff team, with either Chandler or Douglas off the bench, along with the big Russian, Roger Mason, and Bill Walker. So I'm hesitant. But I'd do it.

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