Monday, September 20, 2010

A Few Random Updates

My football picks are looking about as good this week as they did last week, but we'll wait until after tonight's game for a record. At least I survived in the suicide pool.

Today starts the network, scripted TV series (unless you are a fan of Parenthood, Outlaw, or anything on The CW), and today is the first day of 2010-11 sitcoms, with the season premieres of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Rules of Engagement, and the series premiere of Mike and Molly. In fact, all of the full season sitcoms premiere this week, as follows (new shows starred):

Monday 9/20:
CBS How I Met Your Mother 8PM
CBS Rules of Engagement 8:30PM
CBS Two and a Half Men 9PM
*CBS Mike and Molly 9:30 PM

Tuesday 9/21:
*FOX Raising Hope 9PM
*FOX Running Wilde 9:30PM

Wednesday 9/22:
ABC The Middle 8PM
*ABC Better with You 8:30PM
ABC Modern Family 9PM
ABC Cougar Town 9:30PM

Thursday 9/23:
NBC Community 8PM
CBS Big Bang Theory 8PM
NBC 30 Rock 8:30PM
*CBS $#*! My Dad Says 8:30PM
NBC The Office 9PM
*NBC Outsourced 9:30PM

That's right, 16 of the 24 live action, network, half-hour sitcoms debut this week. The other 8 will be midseason replacements. NBC's Parks and Recreation is the sole returning sitcom to be given a midseason slot, and with most of Season 3 shot (because of Amy Poehler's pregnancy) it can serve as an insurance policy should Outsourced fail.

The September sitcom rankings will be released on Friday, October 1, after 2 episodes for each of the new shows. Parks and Rec will continue to be ranked, based on last season, but the new shows that have not yet premiered will remain out of the rankings. A page devoted to the rankings can now be found on the toolbar on the right under "Pages"

Again, my weekly college football rankings are available at Please join if you follow college football at all!

Enjoy whichever part of Night 1 of the 2010-11 TV Season you choose to watch!

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