Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscars Update 3

Here is my third Oscar movie update. The final one will be posted Sunday morning, followed by my picks. The remaining movies I have left are "War Horse" and "Hugo."

Some thoughts on the movies I watched last week:
- "The Help" is very well acted, but it drags. I'm also an Emma Stone fan, so I may have been a bit biased, but any movie that gets 3 female acting nominations and none are for Stone has to be pretty well acted.
-"The Tree of Life" is garbage. Just a waste of my afternoon. At different points in the movie I wasn't sure if Sean Penn was playing Brad Pitt's father, brother, or son. Also there were dinosaurs. Like Terra Nova, but less interesting.
-"Midnight in Paris" was fun. It's not a great movie, but it is an enjoyable one. In my mind, it was "Bill & Ted's Neurotic Adventure" for adults.

The scorecard:

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