Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Thoughts on Gary Carter

Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter passed away today. He was 57.

I never saw Gary Carter play. He left the Mets when I was one year old, he retired when I was four.

I never got to see Gary Carter play, but I'll never not see the highlights. The Mets have never won a World Series in my life, but even once they win another, the highlights from '86 will always be around.

There is no player in baseball, not now, not that I can remember, who ever looked like he was enjoying playing as much as Gary Carter looked like he was enjoying playing.

I'm young. I'm only 23. No player I've ever really rooted for, none of my favorite players, have ever passed away. Sure, there are players who were Mets when I rooted for the Mets- Jose Lima, Geremi Gonzalez- by no real player who I rooted for. So I can only imagine what fans of the '86 team are feeling like. But even as someone who never saw him play, I feel great sadness. Gary Carter was a great Met, a great baseball player, and by all regards a fantastic person. He will be missed.

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