Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All 123 Episodes of Parks and Recreation (before the finale) Ranked (and also Top 100 Characters)

Over the past two years, with the finales of 30 Rock, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother, I have done a variety of lists. With the finale of Parks and Recreation airing tonight, we reach the end of the road of long-running, live-action, network sitcoms (the new #1, as of last Thursday, is The Big Bang Theory. Mike & Molly is the fourth longest tenured!) To celebrate, here's my list of all 123 episodes of Parks and Rec, leading up to tonight's:

RankSeason/EpisodeEpisode Title
1s3e9"Andy and April's Fancy Party"
2s3e7"Harvest Festival"
3s4e22"Win, Lose, or Draw"
4s4e20"The Debate"
5s3e16"Li'l Sebastian"
6s6e22Moving Up Part 2"
7s6e1"London Part 1"
8s5e14"Leslie and Ben"
9s7e11"Two Funerals"
10s5e10"Two Parties"
11s2e8"Ron and Tammy"
12s6e13"Ann and Chris"
13s6e2"London Part 2"
14s6e21"Moving Up Part 1"
15s7e7"Donna & Joe"
16s7e8"Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington"
17s2e14"Leslie's House"
18s4e9"The Trial of Leslie Knope"
19s2e21"94 Meetings"
20s2e7"Greg Pikitis"
21s2e24"Freddy Spaghetti"
22s6e5"Gin It Up!"
24s4e21"Bus Tour"
25s5e13"Emergency Response"
26s4e8"Smallest Park"
27s2e11"Tom's Divorce"
28s2e4"Practice Date"
29s3e1"Go Big or Go Home"
30s5e1"Ms. Knope Goes to Washington"
33s2e10"Hunting Trip"
34s7e4"Leslie & Ron"
35s3e14"Road Trip"
36s2e16"Galentine's Day"
37s3e13"The Fight"
38s4e11"The Comeback Kid"
39s5e5"Halloween Surprise"
42s5e9"Ron and Diane"
43s7e10"The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show"
44s2e9"The Camel"
45s4e7"The Treaty"
46s2e23"The Master Plan"
47s7e6"Save JJ's"
48s6e19"Flu Season 2"
49s4e3"Born & Raised"
50s3e2"Flu Season"
52s1e6"Rock Show"
54s3e4"Ron & Tammy: Part Two"
55s2e1"Pawnee Zoo"
56s4e6"End of the World"
57s4e14"Operation Ann"
60s3e11"Jerry's Painting"
61s4e15"Dave Returns"
62s6e20"One in 8,000"
63s5e3"How a Bill Becomes a Law"
64s3e5"Media Blitz"
65s2e17"Woman of the Year"
66s4e19"Live Ammo"
68s4e10"Citizen Knope"
69s2e13"The Set Up"
70s5e8"Pawnee Commons"
71s2e12"Christmas Scandal"
73s6e16"New Slogan"
74s4e4"Pawnee Rangers"
75s2e2"The Stakeout"
76s4e1"I'm Leslie Knope"
77s5e19"Article Two"
78s1e3"The Reporter"
80s5e6"Ben's Parents"
81s4e17"Campaign Shake-Up"
82s4e2"Ron and Tammys"
83s3e15"The Bubble"
84s5e15"Correspondents' Lunch"
85s4e12"Campaign Ad"
86s6e9"The Cones of Dunshire"
87s4e5"Meet n Greet"
90s2e20"Summer Catalog"
91s6e3"The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic"
92s4e16"Sweet Sixteen"
93s7e3"William Henry Harrison"
94s6e11"New Beginnings"
95s4e13"Bowling for Votes"
96s5e2"Soda Tax"
98s6e17"Galentine's Day"
100s2e5"Sister City"
101s5e4"Sex Education"
103s5e12"Ann's Decision"
104s6e12"Farmers Market"
105s5e20"Jerry's Retirement"
106s1e5"The Banquet"
107s5e7"Leslie vs. April"
108s6e15"The Wall"
109s6e7"Recall Vote"
110s5e18"Animal Control"
111s7e2"Ron & Jammy"
112s2e3"Beauty Pageant"
113s5e22"Are You Better Off?"
114s3e3"Time Capsule"
115s6e10"Second Chunce"
116s5e11"Women in Garbage"
117s1e4"Boys' Club"
118s2e18"The Possum"
122s2e19"Park Safety"
123s5e21"Swing Vote"

And because I'm crazy, here's the top 100 characters. Sort of. Like with my similar 30 Rock list, the bottom of the list (here the bottom 7 really) are characters I disliked, but didn't want to seem like I forgot them. They all really rank behind Diane's daughters, for example, but were far more notable to the series.

1Li'l Sebastian
2April Ludgate-Dwyer
3Leslie Knope
4Perd Hapley
5Ron Swanson
6Ethel Beavers
8Ben Wyatt
9Andy Dwyer
10Donna Meagle
11Detlef Schrempf
12Ann Perkins
13Ken Hotate
14Chris Traeger
15Garry Gergich
16Shauna Malwae-Tweep
18Barney Varmn
19Trevor Nelsson
20Tom Haverford
21Justin Anderson
22Bobby Newport
23Harris Wittels
24Brett Hull
25Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
26Bill Dexhart
27Gayle Gergich
28Tammy 2
29Dave Sanderson
30Craig Middlebrooks
32Diane Lewis
33Joe Biden
34Derry Murbles
35Allison Gliffert
36Millicent Gergich
37John McCain
38Tammy 0
39Wendy Haverford
40Douglass Howser
41JJ Lipscomb
42Brandi Maxxxx
44Jennifer Barkley
45Joan Callamezzo
46Lord Edgar Covington
47Ingrid de Forest
48Joe (Donna's Husband)
49Tammy 1
50Mark Brendanawicz
51Wyatt Burlinson
52Michael Chang
53James Pierson
54Derek's Boyfriend, Ben
55April's Boyfriend, Derek
56Greg Pikitis
57Howard "The Douche" Tuttleman
58Crazy Ira
59Roy Hibbert
60Michelle Obama
61Councilman Pillner
62Kay Hanley
63Nadia Stasky
64Lindsay Carlisle Shay
65Ron Dunn
66Sewage Joe Fantringham
67Fester Trim
68Manrico Della Rossa
70Marlene Griggs-Knope
71Natalie Ludgate
73Pete Disellio
74Herman Lerpiss
75Kathryn Pinewood
76Dr. Saperstein
77Nick Newport, Sr.
78Dr. Harris
79Marshall Langman
80Marcia Langman
81Jessica Wicks
82Nick Newport, Jr.
83David Moser
84Michael Tansley
85Clarence Carrington
86Restin St. James
87David Murray
88Frank Beckerson
89Steve Wyatt
91Julia Wyatt
92Freddy Spaghetti
93Linda Lonegan
94Buddy Wood
95Dennis Feinstein
96Kelly Larson
97Fielding Milton
98Jeremy Jamm
99Carl Lorthner
100Mona-Lisa Saperstein


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