Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Farewell to 30 Rock: Top 100 Episodes and Characters

An admission- I didn't watch 30 Rock when it started. In fact, I was a Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip partisan. For Chanukah 2008, my parents got me the DVDs of the first 2 seasons of 30 Rock. I watched them all within a week (second admission- I watch both seasons again in their completion this past Friday through Sunday). While it has certainly had its ups and downs, I strongly believe that within five years it will be obvious that it will be on the Mount Rushmore of the recent-to-current single camera era sitcoms (along with The Office, Arrested Development, and either Community or Parks and Rec or something we haven't seen yet), and not uncommon to rank it on an all time comedy Mount Rushmore (right now I'd probably say I Love Lucy, Cheers, Seinfeld, and The Cosby Show, but I have admittedly not seen enough All in the Family or M*A*S*H or most pre-1980s shows). But this week, 30 Rock ends it's seven year run, filled with awards, cameos, classic episodes, live shows, insane character names, cutaways, and low ratings. To celebrate, here are my top 100 episodes and top 100 characters. Quite honestly, there is very little difference between what ranks 1 and what ranks 25. If I started over without looking at this list, it's very possible the two lists would bear no resemblance to each other. I did not look at any other 30 Rock rankings lists, although I did consult AVClub's and TVWoP's grades for the episodes. I made liberal use of Wikipedia and IMDB, and any misspellings are likely their fault. Feel free to add your lists or other 30 Rock memories in the comments.


  1. No Apollo, Apollo!? It's actually amazing that one of my favorites (possibly favorite) doesn't crack your top 100... I'm not sure if that says something about us or about how great the show is.

  2. My problem with Apollo, Apollo is that the main plot feels almost just like a repeat of the one in Secrets and Lies, and that was just one year before. Why is it your favorite?


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