Thursday, January 3, 2013

Television Top Tens of 2012: Hottest Actress

Now comes the most serious of lists, the top ten hot actresses of television in 2012. Joining me in objectifying television stars is Wesley Ambrecht who you can follow on Twitter here and read (very occasional) blog posts from here.

Some rules:
-To pick an actress, you have to, at least occasionally, watch the show.

-Every actress picked is of age. A couple play characters still in high school, but they are all actually of age. Sarah Hyland and Jane Levy are both 22. 

-The Katrina Bowden Rule: the actress must appear in at least half of the episodes of the show that aired in 2012. Katrina Bowden was not in 50% of the 2012 30 Rock episodes.

-Some random ineligibles- Wizards of Waverly Place had 1 episode in 2012, but that wasn't enough to grant Selena Gomez eligibility. Meanwhile, while Lyndsy Fonseca was eligible for Nikita, her HIMYM footage is all from years ago, and she was not eligible for that.

-No reality. I get it, the contestants on The Bachelor are all attractive. Who cares?

-The lists are split for half hour shows and hour long shows.

-And one last point- attractiveness is inherently subjective. These lists aren't meant to insult anyone (well, maybe Cloris Leachman). Feel free to post your lists in the comments.


  1. That Anna Torv or Carla Gugino didn't make either of your lists goes on to prove my husband and his best friends point that women and men judge attracive women differently. I haz a sad now.

  2. I don't watch Fringe so couldn't rank Torv.
    And I 100% forgot Political Animals existed. I've been a big fan of Gugino since Entourage, and I'd probably put her in my Honorable Mention list instead of Spiridakos.

  3. My lists:
    1. Dreama Walker, Apt 23
    2. Alison Brie, Community
    3. Elisha Cuthbert, Happy Endings
    4. Zooey Deschanel, New Girl
    5. Krysten Ritter, Apt 23
    6. Allison Williams, Girls
    7. Gillian Jacobs, Community
    8. Hannah Simone, New Girl
    9. Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Rec
    10. Rashida Jones, Parks and Rec

    1. Diana Agron, Glee
    2. Karen Gillan, Doctor Who
    3. Candice Accola, The Vampire Diaries
    4. Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
    5. Naya Rivera, Glee
    6. Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries
    7. Hayden Panettiere, Nashville
    8. Morena Baccarin, Homeland
    9. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ringer
    10. Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

  4. Also I swear I had Zooey on my honorable mentions list. Put her there instead of Kemper

  5. I had Carla Gugino on my longer list that I whittled down but she was something like 23 for Drama. Torv didn't even make my long list, which isn't to say I don't find her pretty because I do.


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