Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Random Thoughts About the 2011 Emmy's

I'll randomly liveblog the Emmy's here. You can see predictions here.

-Is it sad I know what channel E! is? Cuz it's 724.

-Chris Colfer is thinking "F U Lea" right now, right?

-Nina Dobrev. Wow.

-Cat Deeley is twice the height of Seacrest

-This Lythgoe/Abdul/Seacrest interview is the most awkward reunion ever. Ball is in your court, cast of American Reunion.

-I don't consider myself an expert in fashion at all. But neither Joel Mchale or Jesse Tyler Ferguson are wearing impressive tuxes.

-I'm more interested in Julie Bowen and Zooey Deschannel's private conversation than anything Seacrest is asking.

-Seacrest asks Aziz Ansari why the academy recognized his show. Clearly Seacrest doesn't watch.

-I'm over Betty White.

-Gwyneth Paltrow is a genie.

-Ryan Seacrest asked Rob Lowe about the traffic caused by Kim Kardashian's wedding. What America cares about.

-Awesome intro, although I was worried Landry was going to murder Jane Lynch.

-The Emmytones are the oddest assortment of tv people I remember.

-Fallon and Kimmel are our first presenters for supporting actress in a comedy, the nominees are Jane Krakowski, Julie Bowen, Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, and Betty White, I picked Vergara as my choice and Ly to win, and the winner is JULIE BOWEN

-Now Julianna Margulies, "the funniest woman on television" presenting suppporting actor in a comedy, with the men on Modern Family, Jon Cryer, and Chris Colfer. I picked Colfer as my pick and Ed O'Neill to win, and the winner is TY BURRELL

-From satellite, Ricky Gervais presents comedy directing, and the winner is MODERN FAMILY. Because of course it does.

-New sitcom stars Will Arnett and Zooey Deschannel present comedy writing. I bet its Modern Family. But it should be The Office The winner is MODERN FAMILY.

-Here's some good news- Modern Family is done until Best Comedy. Unless the sneak in at miniseries or something.

-Oh good, it's Charlie Sheen. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy. Nominees are Alec Baldwin, Steve Carrel, Louis, C.K., Johnny Galecki, Matt LeBlanc, and Jim Parsons. I took Carrel to win and as my pick and the winner is MODERN FAMILY. Ok, it's actually JIM PARSONS.

-Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergara present Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. The nominees are Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, Martha Plimpton, Edie Falco, Tina Fey, and Laura Linney, and each take the stage as named. I took Poehler as my pick and to win, and the winner is MELISSA MCCARTHY?!?!?!?!? Seriously that just got her an Oscar nom.

-Kaley Cuoco and David Spade used to star in a tv show together. Now they're presenting outstanding reality program. The winner is AMAZING RACE.

-Writing for variety/musical/comedy writing is always funny seeing the nominees listed. The winner is THE DAILY SHOW. That's almost as surprising as a Modern Family win.

-Lonely Island Medley! Awesome.

-Lea Michele and that guy from Vampire Diaries who dates Nina Dobrev present directing for v/m/c. The winner is SNL.

-Now outstanding v/m/c series with Anna Pacquin and Golden Globe Nominee Scott Caan, who points out The Daily Show has won 8 straight. And the winner is THE DAILY SHOW.

-We move into dramas. Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher presenting writing for a drama. Mad Men has never lost this. That said, neither has The Killing. The winner is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

-Now Supporting Actress in a Drama. Margo Martindale, Archie Panjabi, Christine Baranski, Christina Hendricks, Kelly Macdonald, and Michelle Forbes. My pick was Forbes with Martindale to win, and the winner is MARGO MARTINDALE.

-Loretta Devine and Paul McCrane, your dramatic guest stars, are introducing drama directing. This is going Scorsese. Or Modern Family. The winner is MARTIN SCORSESE.

-Now Kerry Washington and Jason O'Mara are presenting, and they'll be starring in separate dramas next year- Scandal and Terra Nova respectively. They're presenting supporting actor in a drama. The nominees are John Slattery, Josh Charles, Walton Goggins, Andre Braugher, Peter Dinklage, and Alan Cumming. I said Slattery should win and Dinklage would, and the winner is PETER DINKLAGE.

-I still don't know if the new Footloose is a musical or not. Can someone please tell me?

-We're getting an Anderson Cooper bit. About New Jersey. Sorry Fred Armisen and Former New York Governor David Paterson.

-Now Bryan Cranston and Katie Holmes presenting lead actress to whoever gets to lose to Claire Danes next year. Nominees are Kathy Bates, Mariska Hargitay, Mireille Enos, Connie Britton, Elisabeth Moss, and Julianna Margulies. I said Britton should win and Margulies will, and the winner is JULIANNA MARGULIES.

-Now we have the new Charlie's Angels and recent Angel Drew Barrymore. Leading actor in a drama nominees are Michael C. Hall, Timothy Olyphant, Steve Buscemi, Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler, and Jon Hamm. I said Jon Hamm should and will win and the winner is KYLE CHANDLER. Wow.

-Miniseries and movies. Hooray.

-OH MY GOD JANE LYNCH JUST WON THE EMMYS. The cast of Entourage presenting writing for miniseries/movie. The winner is DOWNTON ABBEY.

-Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie. Will it be cursing Oscar winner Melissa Leo or Professor McGonnagal? The winner is DAME MAGGIE SMITH. She's not there and the cast of Entourage accepts on her behalf. Because it's virtually the same thing.

-Here are Paula Abdul and Lynch as the accountants who counted the ballots. And then we see the real ones. Because contractual obligations. Now Emmy Winner Melissa McCarthy and Emmy Loser Amy Poehler. Poehler looks really, really good. Lead actor in a miniseries/movie- wait was there no supporting actor? The winner is BARRY PEPPER for THE KENNEDYS?!?!? Now directing for miniseries/movie. The winner is DOWNTON ABBEY

-And now the president of the academy introducs the In Memorium video, with a live performance by I don't know who (apparently Il Divo...or the Canadian Tenors) of the always good Hallelujah. My pick for the hammer? Elizabeth Taylor. I don't think she even made it in.

-Now here's Anna Torv (Fringe) and David Boreantz (Bones) claiming it was the Canadian Tenors. Now Supporting Actor in Miniseries/Movie. I don't get the order either. The winner is Mildred Pierce's GUY PEARCE. Pierce. Chevy Chase. Community. Hooray.

-And now it is time to annoint Kate Winslet. Who will be doing it? Hugh Laurie and defending champ (and 2012 Best Actress in a Drama for Homeland) Claire Danes. And the winner is KATE WINSLET. Woah. I did not see that coming. Oh wait. I did. So did everyone.

-Here's Don Cheadle of Netflix's House of Cards presenting Outstanding Miniseries/Movie. It's Downton Abbey vs. Mildred Pierce, or so I've been told. And the winner is DOWNTON ABBEY.

-Maria Bello and William H. Macy. Neither is wearing a hat. They're presenting OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES. Boardwalk Empire. Dexter. Friday Night Lights. Game of Thrones. The Good Wife. Mad Men. I said Mad Men should and will win and the winner is MAD MEN. Mad Men has aired for four seasons. Mad Men has won best drama four times.

-And we close with Gwyneth Paltrow for OUTSTANDING COMEDY SERIES. 30 Rock. The Big Bang Theory. Glee. Modern Family. The Office. Parks and Recreation. I said Parks and Recreation should win and Modern Family will win. The winner is MODERN FAMILY. Stunning.

-That's a wrap. Next year, let's hope Mario Lopez hosts and asks each academy member why they h8 the nominees that lost.

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