Friday, May 6, 2011

The Hottest Female Sitcom Star Bracket

There are 64 females* with regular roles on network sitcoms that aired this season.

You know what else has 64?
An NCAA Basketball-style, single-elimination bracket.

You know what that means?
We have to do a bracket. Have to.

The hottest female sitcom star bracket.

*Technically there were 68. Since it was a bracket on hotness, I didn't feel comfortable including those underage. So my apologies to Alex from Modern Family, Puddle from Running Wilde, and particularly the babies- Lily from Modern Family and Hope from Raising Hope.

So here's how it will work. Below I will post the full bracket. I will then do separate posts for each sectional. In the comments of each of those posts, make your picks for your four winners. Those will stay open for 1 week, and on May 13 I will do postings for the next round.

FYI: The names of the sectionals and regions are random. They're by decade, but which stars are in which bracket are completely random.
The more people you get to vote, the better it will be.

Without further ado:


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