Thursday, May 5, 2011

The April Network, Primetime, Half-Hour, Live-Action Sitcom Rankings

Here are the April sitcom rankings. This goes through all episodes that aired through Thursday, April 28. Ratings and viewership numbers are considered, but it is mostly opinion based.

RankPrev.ShowNetwork% of Next Seas.
12Parks and RecreationNBC100
33How I Met Your Mot…CBS100
45The OfficeNBC100
5630 RockNBC100
64The Big Bang TheoryCBS100
77Modern FamilyABC100
88Cougar TownABC100
910Raising HopeFox100
109Mike and MollyCBS95
1113Mr. SunshineABC50
1212The MiddleABC100
1311Two and a Half MenCBS66
14N/RHappy EndingsABC40
1514Better with YouABC50
16N/RBreaking InFox40
1715Perfect CouplesNBC0
1816Rules of EngagementCBS50
1919Traffic LightFox25
2120Running WildeFox0
2217Mad LoveCBS25
2321$#*! My Dad SaysCBS50
24N/RThe Paul Reiser ShowNBC0

-The Paul Reiser Show, we hardly knew you. TPRS enters the rankings already cancelled, lasting all of 2 episodes. That's the kind of performance that knocks you down below $#*!.

-I really want to like Mad Love. I like the stars. I just wish it was good. The most recent episode was an improvement, but didn't count in the rankings.

-The Farewell Michael Scott Tour has come to an end, and provided some of the best Office episodes since Niagra last season. While Two and a Half Men has tumbled down these rankings due to the chaos caused by the surprise exit of it's star, The Office has jumped up with the well-crafted curtain call for Steve Carell. We'll see if the show can keep it up without him.

-Happy Endings is surprisingly good, and I think it will be back next year if I had to take a guess.

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