Saturday, December 4, 2010

The November Network, Primetime, Half-Hour, Live-Action Sitcom Rankings

Here are the November sitcom rankings. This goes through all episodes that have aired to date. Ratings and viewership numbers are considered, but it is mostly opinion based. Parks and Recreation continues to be based solely on the first two seasons.
RankPrev.ShowNetwork% of Next Seas.
14The Big Bang TheoryCBS100
22Modern FamilyABC100
46How I Met Your Mot…CBS95
55Two and a Half MenCBS100
6130 RockNBC100
73Better with YouABC85
89Cougar TownABC75
910Parks and RecreationNBC75
108The OfficeNBC95
1213Raising HopeFox50
1316Mike and MollyCBS50
1411Running WildeFox5
1514The MiddleABC20
1615Rules of EngagementCBS15
1717$#*! My Dad SaysCBS20
Some quick thoughts:

-Big Bang Theory wasn't particularly unbelievable this month, although I do like how they've integrated Amy and Bernadette into the regular 5-person cast- especially with Kaley Cuoco missing a couple episodes with a broken leg, this was necessary. But it moved up to the #1 spot mostly based on its strong history, top notch ratings, and a weak month by sitcoms overall.

-Community had an extraordinary month, perhaps the best run of episodes for any show this season- from Zombies to Missing Pens to Conspiracy Theories. They've finally found a way to use Chevy Chase without overusing him. And they've been given a full season with extra episodes, and appear safe now that NBC is transfering to 3 hour sitcom Thursdays. Still, the ratings are remarkably low, and this will always be an issue for this show.

-Better With You has shown its first weak spots, but is still strong, and clearly the strongest first year show...All first years seem safe for the season, except Running Wilde, which depending on who you ask is on hiatus or cancelled, but almost certainly won't be back in 2011...Parks and Rec had a good month solely because they have a startup date- see you January 20, with newbie Perfect Couples...Who watches The Middle?

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