Friday, August 24, 2012

My 2012-13 SNL Host Predictions

I was bored. So I did some charting. And that got me some SNL hosting statistics. I shared a lot of them on Twitter. (UPDATE: Here's my tweets about the stats) But it also led me to the average host breakdown for a season of SNL:

10 Actors
5 Actresses
1 Male Athlete
3 Comedians
1 Comedienne
1 Male Musician
1 Female Musician

I played around with that a bit, changing the athlete to female and making it 9 actors and 6 actresses. And here is what I came up with, based on who SNL likes, who is on NBC, who is in the news, and who has new tv shows, movies, or other stuff. In alphabetical order by first name:

Alec Baldwin- SNL regular, final season on 30 Rock
Anna Kendrick- Breakout young actress, a couple big movies coming out
Anne Hathaway- SNL favorite, coming off The Dark Knight Rises with Les Mis in the winter
Britney Spears- The X Factor
Claire Danes- Will sweep awards, Homeland season 2
Cobie Smulders- Coming off Avengers, HIMYM, fiance in SNL cast
James Franco- Does everything, Oz: The Great and Powerful
Jimmy Fallon- SNL alum, NBC's late night future
John Krasinski- Final season of The Office
Jon Hamm- SNL favorite
Justin Timberlake- SNL favorite
Kristen Wiig- SNL alum
Lena Dunham- Zeitgeisty, New Yorker
Leonardo DiCaprio- Annual A-Lister, Djiago and Gatsby
Matthew Perry- NBC legend with new show
Missy Franklin- Olympic Favorite
Robert Downey, Jr.- SNL alum, Iron Man 3
Robert Pattinson- Final Twilight, rebranding (see Daily Show)
Stephen Colbert- Just a gut feeling
Steve Martin- SNL regular
Tina Fey- SNL alum and regular, final season of 30 Rock
Will Arnett- Wife an SNL alum, NBC star, Arrested Development

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