Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ex-Mets Roster

I took a stab at a roster of the best current Ex-Mets. I may have missed a few who, a la Cruz and Bautista, were in the Mets system but not the big league team. If you wanted to make a team without those guys, you could put Wigginton at 3B, Franceour in RF, and add, well I don't know, Lastings Milledge? Another bullpen spot for Joe Smith or Jason Isringhausen?

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  1. One added note- I tried to do a coaching staff. The easy part was Davey Johnson (WAS) as Manager and Bob Apodaca (COL) as pitching coach. To do a full staff I'd have to shift positions. End up with something like Willie Randolph (BAL) at Bench, Robin Ventura (CWS) at Hitting, Chip Hale (OAK) at 3B, Joe McEwing (CWS) at 1B, and Roger McDowell (ATL) at Bullpen


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